Who We Are

For over 25 years, Carruthers Financial has passionately worked with families and businesses to ensure their financial and insurance objectives are achieved.

Our ability to understand and collaborate with our clients and their businesses has ensured we provide the best financial and group benefit advice possible.

We will work hard to earn your trust. We carefully consider your needs and goals in order to implement a well-constructed financial strategy.

Building strong and lasting relationship is what we enjoy doing most.

Keith Carruthers, CFP, CHS

Certified Financial Planner

Keith started his career at Canada Life, where he was introduced to insurance and investing strategies for people in all stages of their lives.

His life has evolved over the years, having started in the business as a young newly married man, to having three beautiful daughters, to today where two of his daughters are married, and he has been blessed with one grandchild and another on the way. These life stages have given him the empathy and "life" experience to really put those early Canada Life lessons to work.

Keith works with clients in each of their own life stages, planning their work life, as well as their retirement. Goals cannot be achieved without a plan, and planning starts here.

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Jennifer Walker, CFP, CHS

Certified Financial Planner

Jennifer also started her career at Canada Life, where she learned the ins and outs of insurance and investments.

Her evolution with Carruthers Financial has gone from a single woman, to being newly married, and now having 3 beautiful children (okay, well technically a couple could probably be called adults).

Jennifer found her passion, helping employers take care of their employees. She is skilled at finding benefit plan solutions for unique situations.

Jennifer is also a speaker, with lunch and learns workshops for financial service related topics.

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Diego Di Tolla

Financial Advisor

Diego started his career at TD Canada Trust, where he learned the ropes as a financial advisor. His career quickly took him to King and Bay where he climbed the corporate ladder in multiple manager roles.

He joined Carruthers Financial because he has a passion for building long lasting relationships with clients and ensuring they have the right financial road map in place.

Not only is he helping Carruthers Financial grow his family is growing, he and his wife welcomed their new daughter and are enjoying parenthood.

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Nivalda Sa, CHS

Licensed Assistant

Nivalda started her financial services career with Carruthers Financial, having tested the waters in the travel industry.

And while her personal zest for travel continues, professionally, she has found her niche with us.

Nivalda leads an active life with her husband and one active toddler, and with a second baby on the way. Carruthers Financial has grown with Nivalda's knowledge and support, helping our clients and their plans succeed. All "I"s are dotted and "T"s are crossed under her watchful eye.

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Kimberly Bridge

Financial Administrator Assistant

Kim joins us as Nivalda spends time with her newly expanded family.

While Kim’s career thus far has been mainly investment focused at administration duties, she is quickly learning the insurance ropes. Her attention to detail and keen eye helps to ensure that our paperwork remains up to date and accurate.

Personally, Kim is very active with her husband and two kids … between school, hockey and all number of extra activities.

She is a great addition to our team.

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