Long Term Care Insurance

Who Needs Long-Term Care

Long-term care is typically needed by the elderly, but it is also required by anyone with a debilitating illness or injury who needs assistance to perform what we consider everyday functions, such as feeding oneself, bathing and getting dressed.

In fact, long-term care can be very expensive and can deplete a lifetime of savings within a few years. (Long-term care in nursing homes can cost an individual more than $40,000 per year.)

If you are employed, you may want to check with your employer regarding coverage, as some employers provide long-term care insurance for their employees, and some will even extend coverage to parents of their employees. If you are already covered under an employer-sponsored policy, then you may not need to purchase a separate policy until after you retire.

We can help you review your existing coverage or discuss new coverage and ensure the right plan is in place.

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