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Healthcare and Retirement

We are all familiar with the following perennial adage: “health is wealth”. Regardless of any financial circumstances you may have, optimum health allows you to enjoy long trips overseas, partake in your grandchildren’s life, physical activities such as golf as well as looking forward to your retirement years. No one wants to have to worry about the expenses that come with health problems in retirement.

Big Introductions!

We are happy to share some very happy news … so far in 2020, we have two new additions. Nivalda began the year welcoming a new son to her family. Michael is as adorable as his older brothers and will make the Sa family household a fun and busy place for the foreseeable future! Baby and mom are both doing well.

Back at the office, we want to invite you to help us welcome Chris to our work family. As an administrator in her previous roles, she is well suited to keep us organized and prepared. Take a moment to call or e-mail and say hello!


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