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Here We Grow Again

It was over 15 years ago that we first introduced you to Nivalda. She has been a great part of our Carruthers family, and it has been wonderful to watch her begin a family of her own. With three boys, she has made the decision that her place is with them (who could argue when we see these beautiful faces). It is with very mixed emotions that we say goodbye to Nivalda. We are sad to not see her in the office every day but look forward to staying in touch and watching the boys grow up.

The Power of Compound Interest

“Money makes money. And the money that money makes, makes more money.”1 This quote by Benjamin Franklin is referencing the power of compound interest. Albert Einstein extolled the wealth-building virtues of compound interest as well. He is reputed as saying he considered it to be man's greatest invention and the eighth wonder of the world.2 A much simpler way to describe compound interest is that it is an excellent way to watch your investments grow exponentially over time.


Summer Time

With a lightness in the air that we have not felt for ages, it is nice to have the heat, the sunshine, and the patios open. If you need a partner for a lunch date, we are excited to start seeing people again!

Getting Back to Basics

Recessions, stock-market declines, housing market bubbles, joblessness and, most recently, a global pandemic have created a series of challenges for people trying to start, grow or maintain a retirement savings plan. Given this rollercoaster, it's natural to wonder if you're doing all you can to protect your retirement nest egg. Taking a “back to basics” approach can empower you and help keep your financial plan on track during uncertain economic times and beyond.


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