At Carruthers Financial, we don't wear "suits and ties." We don't work with thousands of clients, assigning each a number and code. We just work with great people.

For you and your family, we can help you save when you need to save, and take care of income and estate issues later. Our goal is to first identify and then work towards achieving your goals – together.

For you and your business, we can set up and maintain a competitive (and effective) Employee Benefit Plan using health/dental benefits and RRSPs/pensions. We can also help you with issues like key person, buy sells and IPPs. Our job is to do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on your business.

Life is short, surround yourself with great people and enjoy the journey.

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The recent Federal Budget included measures to close a favorable tax rule for investors in investment accounts or through corporations, trusts and holding companies, who have proposed rules to curb the tax advantages of “corporate class” mutual fund...
If you are concerned about your future finances, you are certainly not alone as noted in a global survey of 19,000 adult in over 19 countries (including Canada). Nearly 68% (or two thirds) of the 1000 Canadians interviewed in the survey conducted...
Some years ago, Roy and Mary bought a cottage at the lake in their home province for about $50,000 and today it is worth about $750,000. Over the years, they have spent about $100,000 on improvements to the property and they kept all receipts to...

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